How Technology Has Revolutionized Money-Making in Africa 1

How Technology Has Revolutionized Money-Making in Africa

There isn’t any topic that interests me extra than the topic of being profitable and narrowing it down even further. There’s no specific situation in earning money that jazzes me extra than the use of widely to be had a generation. And I am not talking hello-tech right here. I mean simple technology, just like the cell phone, email, and stuff like that.

Money-Making in Africa

Why does this hobby me so much? Because I consider there are big possibilities to make lots of cash from commercial enterprise for people who employ technology to do things that were formerly impossible to do. This article explains everything in straightforward language, and I clearly come up with sensible studies from my very own existence.

I commenced out inside the very low tech simple conventional commercial enterprise of printing. I used to make a few delicious coins, printing letterheads, enterprise playing cards, and many others for various customers, large and small. Then computers came and grew to become the complete industry upside down. The computer made the workplace paperless and thus in need of tons, much less desk-bound. Clients who required 5000 letterheads now device 500 for the entire year and communicated the use of email or even SMS messages. To make topics worse, computers and cellular phones invaded the market at approximately the equal time that smoothly accessible loans came. Hence, almost all of us who got a loan in Nairobi bought a printing press. The result becomes that we ended up having too many printing machines round at a time whilst the marketplace for printing jobs became shrinking swiftly. To reduce a long story brief, I was given serious financial problems. I turned into auctioned and misplaced all my furnishings and electronics inside the house and the whole thing in the workplace (along with paradoxically a computer I hadn’t even completed purchasing).

At some point, a vintage buddy prepared me to get a pretty lucrative printing job from a purchaser in South Sudan. The purchaser despatched me the paintings from Juba as an attachment to an electronic mail. And then he wired me the cash. When I changed into completed with the job, I took it to Wilson Airport, where it was flown out. I ended up with a few quite precise money that gave me a touch of respite from the widespread financial strain I was going through at the time. I sat down and reviewed the role of generation in enabling me to serve a patron who was thus far away without leaving Nairobi. I asked myself questions like, “Could I get greater clients in South Sudan whilst I turned into Nairobi? In that manner, I might no longer be slowed down using the crowded and yet shrinking market for offset printing in Nairobi.

To reduce to the chase, I ended up getting a superb process in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania, in which I am currently based. When I went there for the first time, I was naïve, and I notion I could hit that below-developed market with all sorts of services and products and become a millionaire in a single day. But unfortunately, it becomes in no way to be. I turned into fast brought lower back to truth whilst even my Tanzanian employers ran into serious troubles looking to get me a piece permit to work in that united states of America.


To be honest, I misplaced pretty a bit of cash, trusting locals to behave as my front as I attempted all kinds of groups, which failed one after the alternative. My spouse got simply upset about my persisted “investments” into coins draining disasters and pointed out that the coins I had lost would have been sufficient to shop for a massive prime plot in Athi River or Kitengela. It, without a doubt, angered me whilst she stated this, especially as it was authentic.

It dawned on me that I did no longer want to warfare within the Tanzanian market, which I didn’t realize thoroughly after I could use era to do commercial enterprise in Kenya whilst I changed into nonetheless hired in Tanzania. It changed into now not clean cruising to what I have nowadays; however, in the end, I got to set up something that works like an appeal.


I even have two agencies that do extraordinarily properly. I sell motors in Nairobi and Mombasa as an intermediary. I advertise my motors using the noticeboards at Sarit Centre in Nairobi and every other one at Nakumatt in Mombasa. I do my coloration poster for the automobiles on my PC at home. Then I used to print out the posters and physically send them through Akamba bus from Dar all the way to Nairobi and Mombasa, wherein they might be picked up and put up on the respective observe forums for me to begin receiving inquiries. The complete workout would cost me about four,000 bob. But in recent times, the era has made it even less difficult and plenty less expensive. I use a brand new blog site wherein I rent someone in Nairobi and others in Mombasa to acquire my posters as a pdf attachment in their e-mail. They then printed them out and positioned them up at Sarit Centre and Nakumatt Nyali, respectively.