Four Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Wedding 1

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. It involves a lot of work, from creating a budget to inviting guests and booking the right venue. Many things can go beyond your control when planning a wedding, such as weather conditions, DJ not on time, choosing the wrong vendors and not so delicious food, etc. Even the most organized party can make mistakes when planning their wedding.

Some people skip these mistakes by hiring a wedding planner, while some ignore the errors and want their function to get over as early as possible. Some people want to create beautiful memories and organize a wedding to be remembered by all. If you want that too, then here are some common mistakes that you must avoid while planning your wedding-

Planning a Wedding


1) Making Plans before Setting a Budget-

Many people become excited about the wedding preparations. They start making plans and calling vendors, designers and caterers only to find that they have spent most of their budget on them while the venue is still to be booked.

It is better to involve decision-makers while establishing a firm budget. It is important to track your expenditure on different things which will help you work smoothly, and you can relax on the wedding day.

2) Choosing the Wrong Venue-

Just because you went to a wedding some days ago doesn’t mean you will book it without checking. You must assess a wedding hall before booking it since it may require maintenance now, and you do not want to get disappointed on the final day.

Another possible thing could be that the banquet hall is congested compared to the number of guests you have invited. That will make your wedding look chaotic, and people may suffocate.

Book a venue that can accommodate all your guests and nobody complaints about their bad experience of your wedding.

3) Hiring Caterers that do not Provide Enough Details-

One of your wedding’s important parts is hiring caterers that will provide the best food and food-related services. Many caterers make promises that they do not keep during the day of your wedding, or they are long gone by the time of your wedding. So it is better to take everything in writing, including staff, waiters, bartenders, menus, variety of alcohol and beverages: Food, equipment and appliances, and the overall cost, including extra charges.

4) Hiring a Friend instead of a Pro-

Your friend may be a famous Instagrammer and click amazing pictures but taking wedding pictures and making videos of your most important day of life is a professional’s work. Therefore, we suggest you always hire a professional photographer even if you are tight on a budget since he knows the right angles and perfect lighting to capture amazing pictures.

Similarly, go for a professional DJ rather than asking your friend to play music. The DJ knows how to make a remix by adding beats and setting a bass that will boost your guests to show their moves on the dancefloor, and all your friends will be able to enjoy your wedding.