Where The Future Of Eyeglasses Is Going 1

Where The Future Of Eyeglasses Is Going

The future of eyeglasses is very cyberpunk. Forget all the various lens types and special features we have, like the self-darkening lenses in sunlight. That’s the old-school stuff. According to Chen, the founder and CEO of Payne Glasses, augmented reality is the future.

 Future Of Eyeglasses

People Want Convenience Above All

Why are companies like Apple and Amazon so successful? They are focused on maximizing convenience. If I approached you and said you could make money online selling things, you would say it sounds too good to be true. And yet, here we are with Amazon and eBay. These two companies aren’t even the kings of low prices. You can find other online and brick-and-mortar stores that will sell for cheaper. But Amazon and eBay are the kings of convenience. Amazon’s One-click-purchase system is top-notch.

Amazon Is Expanding Its Scope

Of these two, Amazon is the clear winner in size and scope. It’s an industry giant. It offers amazon prime television, AWS, and many others that reach well beyond the scope of selling products online. It has grown and continues to grow quickly into new ventures, not the least of which is smart eyewear. Early this year, Amazon’s first Alexa-enabled digital eyeglasses debuted at CES in January. Made by a company called Vuzix, these glasses can talk to Amazon’s digital voice assistant. This is just the start. Next, we will have augmented reality with multiple new layers of information in our field of vision. The future is Augmented Reality.

The Near Future Is Still Convenience

All of that, though, is yet to come. The nearest future is still all about shopping convenience. Many people have turned to the internet to shop because it’s such a time-saver. And the same applies to eyeglasses. Payne Glasses offers all kinds of premium quality glasses at prices not exceeding $40, including special features like automatically darkening when in sunlight. For example, their light-responsive (photochromic) blue blocker glasses that filter out UV light and HEV light are offered in Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s variants.