5 freak free trendy outfit tips for a lazy weekend 1

5 freak free trendy outfit tips for a lazy weekend

Whether you’re comfortable in chinos or you prefer athleisure, you can stay trendy at the weekend, even if you have nothing on the schedule but pure relaxation. There’s no need to stress out about your lazy weekend wear, it doesn’t need to be complicated – here are some hassle-free outfits that will make it look like you had to try to dress so laid back.


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5 freak free trendy outfit tips for a lazy weekend 4

  1. Neutrals

If you keep the majority of your clothing pieces neutral.. well, getting dressed will never be easier. Don’t worry, you can add some color using accessories and have a handful of bright or patterned pieces. What we’re talking about here is your comfier, more casual clothing – it’s easy to throw on a pale pink t-shirt with your favorite denim shorts. Comfie and cool. So, bear that in mind when you shop for a new wardrobe. You want pieces that are versatile.

2. Signature Color

Do you have one? Is it red, is it blue? Everyone should have a color signature, the one color that they always look amazing in, that they can turn to for a lazy weekend. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting dressed, but you still feel like you when you see yourself looking back in the mirror. It also makes dressing easy, especially when you have plenty of neutrals to draw from and put together a spectacular lazy outfit.

3. Double Denim

Okay, it was gone but now it’s back – so it’s time to invest in a denim shirt and pair it with (a different shade) of shorts, a skirt or pants. It doesn’t get any lazier than throwing on a bunch of denim. Of course, you can kick it up a notch with denim overalls and a denim shirt if you’re feeling particularly adventurous ahead of your lazy weekend. All you need to do is throw on flip-flops, boots or whatever shoes (leopard print is fun, right?) are right for your weather.

4. Hoodie & Leggings

The great thing about leggings is that stylists have heard the message loud and clear – they know you want leggings that serve as pants. Gone are the days you would need to worry about them being see-through at certain areas, now they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. In fact, they even come in different lengths and fits, which means you can get the perfect look for your style. Once you have your favorite pair of leggings handy all you need to do is throw a hoodie over the top and slip in some sneakers (I feel like this is a moment for Converse or flip-flops). This is truly for the laziest of all the weekends.

5. The Full Kit

This look has everything – it’s cute, it’s comfortable, and even though it’s lazy… you’re still going to look amazing when you’re rocking it. Start with your favorite pair of jeans, now find your favorite tank top or t-shirt, add your favorite pullover, grab a comfy scarf, and finish with your well-worn Uggs. Nothing beats this type of lazy weekend outfit because it still looks like you put some effort into your appearance without actually having to put any effort in. It’s magic.

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