Wine Trails – Wine Travel Blossoms in Alabama

Much of Alabama’s wine u. S. Is located in the important part of the state, in which the hilly terrain is conducive to vineyards and grape developing. South of Birmingham, it’s a downhill run to 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein, the state capital, and Mobile, an active port city hugging the Gulf Coast.

When you go to, you’ll navigate Interstate 65, which cuts a north/south course via the heart of Alabama. Travel is a breeze and most attractions are without problems accessible off the toll road. Currently, there are 3 wineries in the southern half of Alabama, so while you combine vineyard visits with the friendly towns of Bernard Law Montgomery and Mobile, you have got the makings of a perfect three-four day getaway.

Planning The Route: Two I-sixty five Wineries

Our plans referred to as for a mid-morning departure from Birmingham with an overnight stay in Montgomery. Then, a half of day’s drive to Mobile and the subtropical weather of Mobile Bay and the Gulf Coast. Two Alabama wineries sit along the I-sixty five hall among Birmingham and Sir Bernard Law, which are ninety miles aside. And so, after a light breakfast in Birmingham, we headed south on I-sixty five with our points of interest set on Vizzini Farms Winery. Located only 1/2 hour south of the city, Vizzini is open each day at 10 a.M. And is straightforward to locate right off exit 234.

Vizzini offers an onsite deli and outside patio where you can experience lunch overlooking the vineyards. We arrived at 10:30, too early for lunch, despite the fact that we did snack on freshly baked bread and neighborhood cheese from the deli counter.

You’ll have your desire of about a dozen Vizzini wines, made from a combination of west coast and Alabama grapes. If you’re familiar with our travelogues, we love to “drink local” and pattern wines made with local grapes. At Vizzini Farms Winery, which means an outstanding Cabernet Franc, whose clean taste in comparison favorably to Virginia or California wines of this fashion.

Sensing how a great deal we preferred the Cabernet Franc, our tasting manual cautioned the Sangiovese, a purple Italian desk style wine that had us contemplating a pairing with a fish fry. Among others we preferred had been a Pinot Noir, Blush, and a pleasantly unexpected Riesling that turned into right in our sweet spot. We aren’t certain where the grapes originate for Vizzini Farms’ Riesling, however, we endorse it as a “must strive”. Crisp and a bit sweeter than many Rieslings, we desire we might sell a couple of bottles.


Less than 10 mins away, simplest a mile off exit 228 near the town of Calera, is the beautiful and alluring Ozan Vineyard and Cellars. If you are pressed for time and can handiest visit one winery in Alabama, Ozan is a great preference. Situated on a 24-acre estate within the midst of Alabama wine USA, this enormously new vineyard boasts a continually increasing winery with emphasis at the Norton grape.

Ozan’s Wine Train

One of Ozan Vineyard’s extra exciting projects is their month-to-month wine teach excursion, which combines wine tasting with a leisurely teach experience through the geographical region. Operating from April via November, each journey gives a unique environmental recognition, depending on the season. These Saturday trips last 3 hours and encompasses wine tasting, connoisseur field lunch, and theme narration. See Ozan’s website for greater details.

We settled in for a flavor of Ozan’s Norton Red Label. Norton wines are rapidly becoming our red wine favorite, having been brought to the style in Missouri and southern Illinois. We weren’t amazed to peer it here, as the countryside reminded us of important Missouri. This wine is big and ambitious, with an attractive black cherry flavor and mildly oaky finish. Also strive the Reserve Merlot, vinted from local grapes and aged for sixteen months.

For something sweeter, there may be Ozan Peach. Peach wines are big in Alabama and this one is truly properly! Very quality and nicely made, it’s no longer overwhelmingly candy and has the aroma and flavor of farm sparkling peaches.

There are almost a dozen wines to try here, with special releases deliberate thru 2009. Only mins off I-sixty five, it is a perfect stop between Birmingham and 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Ozan is a huge supporter of the Alabama Wine Trail and helps beautify advertising of the Alabama wine industry. They’re open Fridays and Saturdays, 11-6.

Down I-65 To 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein

Less than an hour from Ozan is Alabama’s historical country capital, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Located in the heart of 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein’s downtown some short blocks from the Alabama River is a 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein landmark, Daisy’s Diner. Daisy’s is southern cooking personified. There’s a hard and fast menu at Daisy’s, and daily specials usually focused around a “meat and 3”. This way you’ll get one meat and three-facet dishes. From the moment we walked in, we had been mesmerized by means of the fragrance of fried chook, which became not anything quick of super. The outer breading was crisp and attractive, the chook itself wet and soft. We additionally ordered a plate of meatloaf, with buttered corn, squash casserole, and turnip greens in the aspect. What a delicious advent to 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein!