What Is Klaxoon? 1

What Is Klaxoon?


Klaxoon is a technology that enables businesses to organize efficient and successful workshops in a hybrid workplace. Klaxoon is another cloud-based all-in-one application to add to our collection of digital collaboration tools and resources that your team can find helpful for brainstorming sessions, holding meetings, project management, and agile cooperation. Klaxoon is a meeting management and team collaboration software that allows organizations to manage employee engagement, feedback, and brainstorming activities all in one place. Klaxoon first opened its doors in March 2015 and now employs 300 people. Klaxoon is currently used in over 120 countries and by various organizations worldwide. Klaxoon has won several awards throughout the world. Managers may construct slide decks, share screens with team members, get real-time feedback via votes, live polls, or surveys, and rank ideas based on filters, tags, and dimensions using the sorting capability.

Klaxoon app enables enterprises to design open-ended or multiple-choice questions and discuss ideas on a whiteboard in the form of text, photos, or drawings to help remote teams stay engaged. Managers may gather and visualize responses to assess findings and form private groups in which to connect with team members. Admins may also use single sign-on features to protect data security, generate content by adding text, videos, photos, or PDF documents, and share it with team members via URLs.


Klaxoon’s brainstorming feature gives you an infinite canvas and a simple digital whiteboard interface. It enables limitless ways to communicate ideas by utilizing an innovative sticky-note architecture. Users may add to the debate by contributing text, photographs, videos, and thoughts to the board from their own devices. Suggestions can then be classified, rated, or allocated as ongoing activities. The brainstorm functionality is a convenient approach to organize, link, and track the progress of numerous business processes, from ideation and issue resolution to project management. Its visual design encourages more intuitive decision-making and makes it ideal for remote collaboration because individuals may input from anywhere on the planet. This feature has been improved with AI intelligence in Klaxoon 3. New features include the capacity for both players and administrators to govern the board, an initiative mini-map view for more effortless movement across the area, and the option to contribute even more dynamic material like photographs, videos, and even music and Spotify connections.

Klaxoon integrates with various third-party services, such as Microsoft Teams and Dropbox. The mobile application aids in the conduct of meetings, training sessions, workshops, and the dissemination of information among team members. Businesses may use gamification capabilities to create interactive challenges for employees by sorting or prioritizing ideas.

With solutions that make meetings more efficient and work processes more collaborative, Klaxoon is redefining how corporations leverage their teams’ potential. Klaxoon is utilized by millions of people in various nations for various reasons, including enhancing engagement, allowing better and quicker decisions, improving knowledge retention, and fostering creativity. Votes, gamified challenges, quizzes, visualization tools such as word clouds, surveys, information capsules, and brainstorm functions that inspire creativity and organize findings are among the elements of its multi-award-winning suite of tools and apps. Klaxoon 3 adds new levels of engagement and functionality to the platform after years of development and partnership with some of the world’s most well-known brands. Klaxoon sees itself as a meeting revolution tool that allows all team members to participate and contribute. Users may engage, vote, respond and brainstorm in real-time using the device on their phone, tablet, or computer. Klaxoon offers many features to its users.

Get your team involved and create feedback fast with the Challenge, Vote, Storm, and Meeting applications, which can be used on-site or remotely. Use the Meeting app to embed current slide presentations or create new ones. To observe the group’s opinion in real-time, share your screen and use polling features. This whiteboard-like element may be used to brainstorm, discuss ideas, manage projects, and more. Texts, drawings, and images are presented in real-time and maybe worked on. Get feedback by gauging satisfaction, gathering suggestions, posing a challenge question, evaluating project progress, and more. Create and send your query to your complete team using the Klaxoon interface. Apps like Quiz, Survey, Capsule, Adventure, and Mission allow your team to put their knowledge to the test and learn from one another. To improve feedback and allow team members to move at their rate, use multiple choice, rating, fill-in-the-blank, challenges, and more.

The Networks feature especially useful for distant teams since it allows communication even when meetings are not taking place. To host and share Klaxoon events, join private groups. Dropbox and Microsoft products are both integrated. Klaxoon can help teams cooperate and stay organized by bringing all of these technologies together in one spot, whether they are working in the same office or across the nation.

These resources can help you get started with Klaxoon.

Klaxoon offers you a unique feature of Templates. It includes Project management, design thinking, brainstorming, agile, team meetings, and more are all available for free.

Klaxoon offers many onboarding and remote training sessions to assist remote teams and others who are just getting started with the application. It also provides a tutorials feature in which you can learn about the functioning of Klaxoon. View a variety of instructions on how to use Klaxoon’s numerous features.

Klaxoon is a collaboration platform for hybrid events workshops used by millions of teams across the world. Klaxoon is a full-featured workshop management system that allows teams to host productive and collaborative workshops.

Klaxoon Notifications are given as push notifications within the app, but they are more than simple alerts. They may also be received by text and email. Klaxoon Notifications are a powerful tool for keeping in touch with your team. Internationally, visual management approaches and agile methodologies have shown to be successful. Klaxoon’s R&D teams are constantly working to create a more efficient and complete environment that encourages collaboration and collective intelligence.