‘We plan to train our teachers to improve great of schooling’

Warangal Rural district is predominantly agrarian with extra than 1/2 the population depending on agriculture and allied enterprise for a livelihood. Taking fee as the first Collector of the district Prashant Jeevan Patil has set out his priorities with a greater focus on agriculture, health, and training for all. In a different interview to The Hindu, he lists out his time table:
What’s your road map for improvement of the newly-shaped district?

My immediate consciousness is on ensuring land rights to the farmers. Of the 1.three lakh farmers, 30 to 40 according to cent do not have rights over the land they’re tilling. In general, carry on with ‘sada cinema’ which we are regularizing now.

With out proper patties, farmers do not get institutional finance and subsidy from the Authorities. In a subsequent one-and-a-1/2 month, we are able to complete issuing of parts to all farmers within the district.

What are your focus areas?

This district is ninety-four in step with cent rural and most effective six consistent with cent city. Paddy, cotton, and Mirchi are produced in huge quantities. Except encouraging other crops, we need to recognition on agri-primarily based industries that could offer extra employment and help farmers as properly. We’d be popping out with a complete plan on this.

How do you endorse to expand training sector?

This is one of the essential aspects of improvement together with health. Throughout my visits, I found students a good deal below their standards in many Authorities faculties. we’re drawing up a plan to teach all our teachers first.

If the academics are equipped with concern talents, college students will benefit. Our concentration is on enhancing English, Maths, and Science first. we will tie-up with Nation-stage bodies and see that all teachers attend quick-term schooling programs. We are also trying to enhance centers like bathroom and ingesting water in the faculties. Most important trouble is with preservation. The toilets emerge as defunct within 4 or 5 months. we are seeking to hand it over to the faculty control committees.

What are your plans on the fitness the front?

We’ve got 17 number one health centers of which six paintings round-the-clock. However, there are not any facilities. I need to make certain all deliveries take the region in P.C. as a substitute private hospitals. A shipping costs Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 which influences the income and financial savings of the family in rural regions. If they could be treated at P.C., the families could be stored from debt burden. we’re planning to improve centers and see all P.C. provide all offerings soon.

What are other regions of your consciousness?

The very motive of the Kingdom Government in growing small districts is to reach out to absolutely everyone. I am individually keen on undertaking criticism day correctly, computerize each petition and test motion took on every petition. I have asked all of the discipline body of workers to stay put in a location in their paintings and do not come to district headquarters until asked for. I’m asking all heads of the branch to tour drastically and interact with human beings to understand their issues and kind them then and there if viable. I’m personally tracking all grievances and how and when they’re redressed.