Travel hacks for your next trip to Bangkok 1

Travel hacks for your next trip to Bangkok


Bangkok is a beautiful city and the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is a melting pot of attractive perfumes, visual delights, and a vibrant lifestyle. The place offers travelers a vast field to explore the hidden secrets of this land. Whether it’s stunning temples, fantastic forts, world-famous floating markets, or vibrant nightlife, each significant place in Bangkok has a unique, fascinating story to tell. It is a much-visited tourist place, with millions of tourists annually. If you plan to visit Bangkok, Here are a few travel hacks for your next trip to Bangkok that you should know to help you have a memorable vacation.

Visit Bangkok at the ideal time.

You can visit Bangkok as you wish for the right time to visit. Avoid going to Bangkok in April because of the extreme heat. From July to October, your trip may be affected by heavy rainfall. April is very hot in Bangkok. So avoid going to Bangkok this month. Because the city has many attractions, walking in the hot summer will be difficult. So avoid traveling during these months. Book your flights to Bangkok and visit all the temples, galleries, museums, and other scenic beauties of Bangkok in December and August, as the tourist flows are high during this time. If you want to avoid the big crowds, you can travel in May, June or September. Travel around Bangkok at the best times of the year and make the most of your vacation. A little guidance and research would make your way easier.

Planning and Divide Your Time In Bangkok

There are many things to do in Bangkok that easily delight your vacation. Therefore it may be hard to visit all the places unless you have a well-planned tour that will ensure you maximize your time while in this land of smiles, whether you are staying here for one week. One day or a month of planning and dividing your time will ensure you experience the city to the maximum.


Try the local cuisine.

Another major concern when visiting Bangkok is good food. Locals or guides would help you find the best food stalls. In Bangkok, you will find the best and tastiest cuisines. There is an amazing variety of Bangkok cuisine and dishes. Check out the best food at restaurants in key locations, such as 100 Th Ratchadamri, known for its Thai Thai food. Arawa is best known for Thai vegetarians, Atlanta Cafe for exotic Thai breakfast, Aw Taw Kaw Market and local BaTry Khanitha Kitchen & Gallery for Thai specialties, Bed Supperclub best food in the world, Crepes & Co for the exclusive French creepier. While in Bangkok, you will find no problem getting the tastiest food of the best quality, as you will find many grocery stores and food vendors on the street. In addition to the above, you can try the most delicious Thai cuisine at street vendors that offer a fine blend of flavors at fantastic prices.

Getting Around Bangkok

Understanding and knowing the best ways to get in and around Bangkok is important. There are different transport modes. All these are available near the airport and attraction sites. These include motorcycles, tuk-tuks, canal boats, buses, Meter Taxis, taxis (without meters), and river taxis. Taxis are available from the ground floor of the airport. Be careful, however, that the road to the city lasts up to an hour and sometimes longer in the rain or peak. Always insist your taxi driver turn on the meter and ensure you have everything with you before leaving the cab.

Use the BTS and MRT habitually.

BTS Skytrain and the newly opened subway network (MRT ) will take you around Bangkok easily, and first, If you want to get around the city quickly and avoid the infamous traffic jams in Bangkok, these two transport systems are for you. At most points in the town, take a short walk or a taxi ride to the nearest station and be on either BTS or MRT when exploring the city on a hot and cloudy day in Bangkok. Both offer cold air conditioning and are the best for sightseeing in the city. Get a day or week flight and get on board.

Beware of scammers

Bangkok is a great tourist destination with a high level of security; however, similar to other countries, some unscrupulous individuals try to take advantage of visitors in the city. Some of these scams are. Being aware of these scams, you will be safe, and your trip will be enjoyable. Knowing what you want is another thing to know; having the right map does not have to worry you.

*Tuk-tuk and taxi scams-These individuals hang around hotels and attraction sites, and they will try to persuade you over to the drivers. Kindly watch out.

*Attractions closed scams-these are common around temples and tourist attractions where you will be told that the interest is closed and that they could show a nice draw.

*Bag Snatching-This mainly occurs around shopping malls.

* Fake tourism officials-Beware of fake tour guides who rips tourists off the attractions sites. If anyone approaches you and is suspicious of them, kindly avoid him and head to the crowd.

Always Carry a photocopy of your ID or passport.

Carrying an Id is a must item in Bangkok, Thailand. Instead of having a passport as it can be lost, you can easily have a photocopy of it is important. The police officers or a security guard can request you to show your identity at any time, and you will be safe with a photocopy of your ID. All these items will make your trip to Bangkok safe and interesting.

Things not to do in Bangkok

Visitors arriving by flight to Bangkok should keep a few things in mind to avoid embarrassment or worse. Here are some things to avoid in Thailand.

· Exceeding the visa is a criminal offense.

· Drug trafficking is illegal here.

· It isn’t nice to be too in love in public.

· The appearance of the soles of the feet is considered very rude.

· It is offensive to diminish the king, the royal family, or any institution of the monarchy. That law requires you to show respect for the royal family. In any public place or installation, everyone is expected to stop what he is doing and stand up when the Thai anthem or song for His Majesty the King is sung.

. Most Thais are conservative regarding clothing, and it is best to avoid clothing with too much skin, especially when going to sacred places such as temples…On the other hand, men should never take off their shirts in public unless they are at the beach.


Bangkok offers a unique blend of history and modern society like no other city. There are many inexhaustible opportunities to visit sights, shopping, and entertainment. Immerse yourself even more in the fascinating Thai culture and way of life, and find yourself a supporter of the enchanting land of smiles.