The Law of Attraction and Its Relation to Journey Work 1

The Law of Attraction and Its Relation to Journey Work

The Law of Attraction states first and most important that we are vibrational beings and extensions of Source electricity. The vibration of Source strength indicates itself in the feelings of pleasure and empowerment, and love. When we’re having a laugh and happy and feeling empowered, we have access to Source power.

Law of Attraction

When we’re within the lowest vibrational power, we experience melancholy or grief, or despair. These emotions are to date from who we virtually are (extensions of Source power), that they sense terrible and constricting to us. These feelings feel like we are suffocating and might hardly breathe. This is a source of letting us recognize that we are going the wrong route to our personal happiness.

We came right here from pure loving energy right into a world of warm, bloodless, up, down, love/worry, knowing that we might be called with no end in sight toward the dreams we created because of our publicity to the range and vastness of revel in here. , we knew that as we skilled pain, our desire would shoot out ahead folks (so to speak) and that the bigger a part of ourselves, our non-physical supply energy aligned with self, could straight away align with our new multiplied preference and like a magnet might draw us in the direction of it and our new idea of who we are.

Our emotions are our navigational tool, at the manner to our new extended version of ourselves. Feeling sad (or some other terrible feeling) is to know that we are resisting our herbal go with the flow to unite with the higher vibrational part of ourselves that has already turned out to be an appropriate healthy, vibrationally, to our new increased cognizance of who we’re.

The key is to be aware of our feelings as they are our truest and purest form of steering available. It is so simple in reality. When we feel suitable, we’re in Source strength, and whilst we sense terrible emotion, constricted and traumatic, we aren’t in this power; in truth, we’re running in opposition to this power.

Our emotions, which are connected to thoughts, are our guidance machine. This emotional steerage machine is constantly letting us recognize if we’re moving towards or far away from our happiness. And so, something one chooses to do, the most effective query to invite is “will this deliver me relief and flow me closer to greater happiness?” Because while we choose matters that please us or make us sense better, we start to access the emotions of pleasure or pleasure or happiness, and we’re transferring in the direction of Source power.

Law of Attraction

One can get fuller know-how of this Law by reading any of Jerry and Esther Hicks’s paintings. Four that I recommend are the two books “The Law of Attraction” and “Ask And It Shall Be Given” and two DVDs “The Law of Attraction in Action: Part 1 and Part 2. From all that I actually have studied at the Law of Attraction, evidently, Abraham, as expressed via Jerry and Esther, are the academics of the teachers of the Law of Attraction.

For several years now, I have been practicing a shape of therapy/ recuperation/ coaching (whichever time period most resonates with you) called The Journey of Journeywork. Brandon Bays coined the title. In her early 40âEUR?S, Brandon was recognized with a huge tumor in her abdomen that turned into crushing her critical organs. When she turned into a diagnosis, her docs gave her a 2-month window of time before the tumor needs to be eliminated to save her life. Brandon placed out a fierce prayer or “asking” to be restored to best health…And he or she then went approximately having access to a peacefulness inside of her, in other phrases placing herself into alignment together with her choice, wherein, she became able to hear the solution to her prayer. She changed into given the “how” to release this tumor. In 6 weeks, her tumor was gone.

I sense deeply blessed to have located this work at a time when I wished it badly. Even though I became a psychologist/counselor, I changed into a nation of despair that I no longer understood how to get out of, and not one of the people I went to for help knew what to do to assist me. Like Brandon, I positioned out a fierce prayer to be restored to the colorful soul I become. It happens (it is Law), I was brought about the steerage I needed and the e-book Brandon wrote about her experience.

In this e-book, Brandon explains what she did to release her tumor. After one session with a Journey practitioner, my despair lifted, and three periods later, I allow the move of the medication that I have been on for numerous years.

With the understanding that something that heals a person must be in alignment with Source energy and what is now turning into extra acknowledged “The Law of Attraction,” it has grown to be important to me to apprehend how the Law of Attraction is at work within the use of Journey method paintings. Anything that works (makes people feel higher or get nicely) must be on this alignment.

I see Journeywork in terms of the Law of Attraction because Journey paintings allow us to clean up the poor vibration, which prevents us from accessing “Source.” It allows one, brings into consciousness feelings that are out of alignment with Source energy i.E. Negative, horrific or constrictive emotions, and discover what the mind is activating these emotions. These minds are often beyond negative recollections, wherein the feelings attached are vibrating in the body, developing misery or disorder of some type or different.

Journey paintings teach one to sit down with the bad emotion until the concept connected to it comes clear……..Maximum of the time, human beings are so keen to stop feeling horrific that they may no longer sit down inside the constricted/terrible feeling for long; it’s miles too uncomfortable. An individual will frequently try to medicate or soothe those feelings with something that enables them to sense better i.E. Alcohol, shopping, over-work, ingesting, capsules, loud songs, and many others…….And at the same time, as that is a transient solution, it does now not stop the bad feelings we are feeling in the long term.

Law of Attraction

Once the thought (event) of what is bothering someone comes forth, an easy system allows launching this constricted emotion, connected to this past occasion, after which transforms this past negative occasion into a wonderful occasion…..Hence bringing the body again into alignment with Source energy……Restoring one to a kingdom of properly-being.

These beyond occasions will simplest affect us if the feelings connected to them are activated; they may be no longer in our vibration in any other case. Often, activities within the present will remind America’s united states beyond occasion and could set off the vibration (in the shape of bad emotion) of what this past occasion felt like. Once this thought is activated, misery occurs in the shape of constricted or poor emotions.