Tell Me How Can You Make Article Marketing Fun?

Just write a conversation…

Are you serious? That’s all I have to do?

Yeah, just write like you’re talking to a customer, and write in their questions. It’s a conversation. They ask a question, you write an answer. The best part is the article is filled up to the brim with solutions. And it’s fun.

When you’re writing a conversation, and there are funny remarks, do you leave those in?

You mean, like when you call me a silly goose for explaining details even when you don’t need them? Yeah. I leave them in, because people need to know that it’s fun to have a conversation and find solutions in your industry. They need to know that you’re a fun, interesting person, and you’re real. In fact, I often think people listen more to the details, when there are some silly remarks in the article. It keeps them reading, because it’s all interesting stuff.

Do you put bullet points in when you write a conversation?

Only if I’m discussing pertinent points, like telling an article writer how to:

Increase page ranks with articles.
Add SEO with content and back-links.
Increase readership and traffic with republication articles.
Increase brand effective marketing with content.
Offer up solution based content to be republished for traffic.
Those are some quick ways to increase the value of an article while still having a fun and interesting conversation.

How would you add SEO to an article?

I would increase keyword values, by including broader niche based phrases, such as marketing content based solutions, or increasing traffic with republished articles. Both phrases increase the dynamics of my readers, and capture the attention of the writers who want information, because the content becomes searchable on a broader scale with more specific brand relevant clicks to the site mentioned in the resource box. People really do want to know how to do this stuff, so they click the links to get more of what you’re offering in your content based article marketing.

Can you brand your market that way too?

Of course, you can. You’re adding personality, actually packing a punch with a conversation based solution to real problems faced by your readers, and putting it into an article format. You show them real-time solutions, based on the marketing value of your content, but more than that, you offer up answers they’re going to understand and appreciate, because they can understand what you’re saying. When you answer someone’s questions, you often do a better job of explaining than you would if you just pulled information out of your hat.