Fashion Trends That Defined the Style of the '70s 1

Fashion Trends That Defined the Style of the ’70s

’70s’ style is reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever, Shiny Disco Balls, and Charlie’s Angels. If you need to incorporate a few of the decade’s styles in your cloth wardrobe, read on.

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If I had to sing my model of Julie Andrews’ These are some of my favorite things, vying for the pinnacle spots could be Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, the Beats, Annie Hall, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, the peace image, colorations, cheap journey, and lava lamps. And in case you are appropriate at playing the missing hyperlink, you definitely probably have found out the bizarre connection that every one of those ought to the ’70s. I even have constantly maintained that if I had been given the choice of selecting the decade I ought to live in, my answer without any doubt would be the ’70s, despite the reality that flower energy got here to a premature cease inside the early component this decade. But when you consider that to continue to be what it’s miles… A dream, occasionally I indulge myself by way of choosing items from the inimitable fashion from the Nineteen Seventies to take me back to the glorious technology of revolution, the assertion of world peace, political consciousness, and nicely, bell bottoms.

Well, if you want to see a visible illustration of seventies style, then suppose Farrah Fawcett, John Travolta, and in greater current instances, That ’70s display. The Seventies’ fashion tendencies are both cherished or hated. This turned into the last decade whilst women started making choices in line with what they desired and not according to fashion commanded. While a few humans accept that the traits famous at some point in the seventies were a catastrophe, I would like to disagree. It becomes about experimenting with garments, fabrics, and patterns. The hippies’ technology persisted in its style impact with fabric from their travels, extending its touch into the clothes worn inside the ’70s. Many of the ’70s’ clothes that had been extraordinarily famous then and had been synonymous with the last decade are antique-style pieces even today. In this text, we can list out a few of these garb pieces that shriek out the ’70s.

Skirts and Dresses

This became the only apparel item that threw open the widest variety of alternatives in this decade. While inside the sixties, the skirt’s duration changed into decided by what the fashion professionals had to say, within the ’70s, the period of skirts trusted the wearer’s preference. So, along with the mini skirt, in came the mid-calf duration midis and the ankle period maxis for those days whilst a mini skirt would not be proper.


The ’70s changed into the generation of the flared pants. Bell bottoms, high-waisted flared denim, loon pants, parallel types of denim are all gifts of the seventies generation to the sector. The tv show Charlie’s Angels, mainly one of the protagonists, Farrah Fawcett, was accountable for the large popularity of this style of trousers inside the ’70s. While the beginning of the last decade saw human beings swaying toward denim with frayed edges and rips, towards the end of the last decade, the flared trouser fashion, which was in vogue, gave manner to directly cigarette cut denim.

Disco Fashion

Hot pants, spandex, Lycra, bling – these have been the looks that described disco style inside the ’70s. Shiny pants in Lycra, waistcoats, animal prints, metallic sheen to clothes; these kinds have been the largest disco fashion traits of this decade. Jumpsuits (an image of which has been protected in the sooner section) and halter necks have been different styles that have been highly famous for the disco crowd.


Platforms – the ones that have been the fashion declaration for footwear inside the ’70s. Platform footwear for men and girls has been sold, and that excessive soled footwear of a thickness of two-four inches was extremely famous among each gender. Though very hip to most fashion-conscious, these vertiginous shoes have been chargeable for many a harm, thanks to the instability they prompted. Clogs, turn flops, and shiny disco shoes have been other forms of shoes that added quite the seventies trend.



The mainstay of the Nineteen Seventies’ hairstyles became lengthy hair for each man and woman. Sideburns and long messed up blond surfer hair had been patterns that were hep for young guys and boys. Afros had been every other style that has become extraordinarily famous with each woman and man. One of the maximum popular seventies hairstyles for women was to put on one’s hair lengthy with a middle parting. In the center of the last decade, this ’70s’ fashion among hairstyles gave way to wavy gypsy styles, layered shags, and flicked hairstyles.

By the cease of the decade, the seventies’ fashion took a big thought from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, but this fashion died early, with the ’80s being all approximately bigger and bolder patterns. If you like the fashion traits of the ’70s, you may move beforehand and include the style to your wardrobe, however a word of caution right here, if you do not need to appear like you are dressing up to wait for a ’70s’ theme celebration. Ensure that you use handiest more than one element of the fashion trends from the ’70s at one time, as an instance, in case you want to wear systems and excessive-waisted cigarette jeans, it is essential which you crew them up with a pinnacle this is reduced in a cutting-edge fashion and that your accessories (like a couple of wayfarers) are from this decade and now not the ’70s. Keep these pointers in your thoughts and cross beforehand and blend and fit your clothes to provide you that best seventies-style aptitude.

The fashion of the Seventies: A Decade Style Enthusiasts Won’t Forget
Fashion is cyclical, and consequently, it isn’t surprising that style tendencies of the 1970s have made one of this big comeback. From peasant skirts to bell-bottoms and cigarette pants, there are numerous staples from seventies’ fashion that have been seen on the runway these days.

What are the pics that pop into your head as soon as someone mentions style from the seventies? Most people could unanimously point out style tendencies just like the bell bottoms, big hair, platform footwear, and the ridiculously tight Lycra apparel that changed into worn by using everybody. These have been just some of the huge traits of fashion from the Seventies. The seventies was an interesting decade. With the hippie motion coming to an give up closer to the early part of the last decade, the style becomes nonetheless hugely inspired using the motifs and fabrics preferred by the flower children; however, in case you hint at the 1970s fashion timeline, you will be aware that there has been a huge shift from the flowing clothes favored in advance to the Lycra apparel that the disco revolution introduced approximately. Some people maintain that the Nineteen Seventies become the worst time for fashion, with many going to the quantity of calling the last decade a style disaster. While the ’70s’ style won’t have been for absolutely everyone, it becomes, in reality, not a catastrophe. The style of this decade become approximately experimentation with fabrics and patterns.

Nineteen Seventies’ Trends for Clothing and Hairstyles

If there was one garb item that described the 70s, it changed into bell-bottom pants. Thanks to celebrities like Farah Fawcett and John Travolta, wearing pants that flared out towards the ankles became the clothing to possess. But bell bottoms have been no longer the handiest fashion of trousers famous inside the seventies. This was additionally the era of high-waisted flared denim, loon pants, and parallel jeans. If you wore jeans, the ends of the pants had to be frayed and worn out. Towards the end of the last decade, there has been a shift in the surge of recognition loved by using bell-bottoms, and the area of satisfaction inside the cloth wardrobe was passed over to the cigarette pants, which have become the brand new thing of 70s’ style.

Another famous style fashion of the seventies for women turned into sporting skirts. While in the earlier a long time, the length of skirts was determined by what the lords of the style metropolis prescribed, the 1970s was an age when it became all approximately being individualistic. Consequently, humans wore skirts of a period that they favored. It was all approximately what someone was comfortable in, from mini skirts to mid-calf duration skirts and ankle-length skirts. Many humans tend to thrash Nineteen Seventies fashion models because of the fascination for spandex and Lycra overwhelming in the duration.

1970s style designers also gave the hot fashion models international an introductory lesson in bling, with vibrant Lycra pants, animal prints, metallic colored clothes, and all becoming highly famous. One of the Nineteen Seventies’ garb gadgets that are returned in style nowadays are jumpsuits, which had been very famous as Disco put on in that decade.

Men’s style within the Nineteen Seventies also underwent a big trade. While bell bottoms have been popular with guys properly, the appearance became both sporty or inspired by punk fashion. Jerseys with slogans on them had been desired by maximum men, as had been t-shirts in vibrant hues. Worn leather jackets have been highly famous and have been typically teamed with frayed denim. The style and fashion of the era additionally noticed the resurgence of corduroy pants. Most guys wore pants in sun shades of brown and green. There became only one fashion assertion that you could make in which footwear were concerned. Platforms! You may want to by no means move incorrectly with a couple of these footwear. Platform footwear for males and females had been excessively soled and typically had a thickness of just about 2 – four inches. The most effective different kind of footwear that competed with platforms for popularity was clogged.

Hairstyle developments for both women and men dictated sporting one’s hair lengthy. The attitude of irreverence and expressiveness that reflected in their apparel also meditated their taste in haircut styles. Long sideburns and messed up hair changed into famous among guys. The mullet with one’s hair long at the again and short at the top and the sides turned into one of the extra popular hairstyles from the Nineteen Seventies for both males and females. Afros were once more popular with both genders, as they become the pageboy haircut. The pompadour was one of the maximum conventional hairstyles for guys, with John Travolta making it iconic. Parting your hair within the middle and lifting the hair within the front creates a wedge leading to a coiffure that becomes first made famous via King Elvis Presley.

Defined the Style

For contributors of the fairer intercourse, one of the most popular hairstyles turned into to go away their hair unfastened with a center parting. Styles like shags and fringed cuts have become famous closer to the latter half of the decade. Another famous hairstyle was plaited with fringes that were blended with hair left free. Women who desired brief hairstyles opted for bobs, and the wedge reduce.

Hairstyles and style and clothing in the seventies were extraordinary from earlier a long time. The fashion from then may also these days not be considered very elegant; however, it became a decade that saw human beings experimenting with not only patterns and patterns but also fabric and the manner they accessorized. It became a technology that saw fashion becoming extra adventurous and add more, in my view, inspired.