Sony KDL-26EX320 Review 1

Sony KDL-26EX320 Review

For its length, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is the maximum full-featured television available. In case you do not have the time to examine all the details, here is a short shape document. That can assist in deciding on buy or no buy.


Cost clever, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is pricey for its length. However, thinking about all the bells and whistles, most people who need this length television may be extra than pleased with their purchase. Of path, not anything is best. That is the factor of view of a reviewer, now not the product design team that positioned this beautiful tv collectively. Obviously, Sony had in mind an outstanding tv of this size that would stun clients with its image quality and sound. As a space-saving LED display, Internet and Skype equipped television, that is a brilliant package deal.

Like maximum Sony televisions, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is perfect-looking with top-notch specifications and extra features than you will assume from a fixed length. The bottom line at the plus facet, the set is really worth the money. Without beginning into all of the info in this summary, suffice it to say, the Sonny KDL-26X320 has some capabilities not observed on other tv services in the marketplace.

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This Sony looks crisp and easy with the trademark deep black smooth finish on the set’s borders. Like different Sony widescreen television sets, it appears exceptional inside the showroom or even higher in your private home or flat.


Although the photograph has excellent visual capabilities, I could ensure you have true lighting to manage the room where you’ll place this tv. It is almost as though the marketing branch asked the design group to reduce the energy consumption in the back of the nice photos. If that has been real, it’d the cause the set is a little dimmer than I would love. Do now not misunderstand this. The picture fine, clearness, and colors are notable, just a little dimmer than I would like.

Special Features That Catch the Eye

It is quite neat this length Sony TV is Skype ready. I couldn’t locate different units of equal size with Skype functionality. Sony says you may use your smart telephone because of the far off. I even have in no way had much success with that sort of arrangement, but the set comes with its very own remote beside so – no worries.

One nifty function is the auto presence sensor that changes the set’s power settings to standby in case you stand up and go away. What it does if some other individual within the room isn’t always rather lively or asleep is a question. The presence manage can be set on inactive, so this needs not be an actual trouble.

Picture Details

Other than the reality that I like more brilliant tv monitors, the potential of the Sony KDL-26EX320 to provide you with notable pics is simply that, awesome. The high element, splendid coloration intensity, and exquisite motion coping definitely inspired me the primary time I checked out the set. I nevertheless since they are excellent and it’s been a while.

When I positioned a DVD on or turned on the cable TV, the equal program or DVD saw other units light in comparison. This is the primary aspect that excites me approximately this Sony. I love aspect-with the aid of-facet comparisons, and on this test, the KDL-26EX320 excelled. Okay, perhaps the other screen changed into brighter, I like that – keep in mind – but the vivid photograph manner, not anything if the photo’s pleasant is missing something. The Sony helps a dozen video codecs to cover most of something content material you have.

The outstanding performance within the visible branch is partially due to the Edge LED gadget of lighting fixtures up the image. The use of edge lighting fixtures allows less power utilization in providing a wonderful visual revel in.

The sound this Sony produces goes to surprise you. It is surprising to pay attention to such an effective sound coming from this kind of thin-set.

Internet Streaming Feature

Sony is rightfully proud of bringing the Internet to this sort of nice television screen. The Internet streaming feature lets you see on call for content, song channels, and, as cited earlier, Skype. If your private home or flat has the right to entry to the Sony Entertainment Network, you actually have a pleasant bundle. The mixture of the Sony network for content and this tv became part of Sony’s plan.

Surfing the net on any tv isn’t similar to the usage of your desktop PC or laptop. That is best feasible when you have the PC or computer connect, and that is possible, to the KDL-26EX320. It is just no longer very relaxed navigating with a remote or smartphone. This problem isn’t always specific to Sony and absolutely no longer to just this set.

So I look at the Internet streaming, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype potential as “fine to have” capabilities. However, I don’t see myself using the Sony as my fundamental factor in the Internet getting admission. Maybe that is me. Any television I review that purports having Internet access receives equal remarks from me. At least up to now, they do.

Here is some extra information on matters you may count on from the Sony KDL-26EX320 performance and function sensible.

The excessive definition element truly does present HD content material, video games, and movies in HD digital high-quality. Even non-HD content material gets an improvement in high-quality. To me, that is simply superb.


Another aspect Sony is happy with is imparting you a narrow set of tremendous strength efficiency and a high-quality photograph all in one set. Sony additionally loves to position sensors on their units to prevent work and store electricity at the same time. This Sony television robotically corrects the image to optimize the picture consistent with the mild gift inside the viewing room. This presents good-sized power value financial savings.

The Sony KDL-26EX320 has a European Union Power Rating of B. That scoring system is going from A via G, with A being great.

You can neglect the usage of those nasty messy cables thanks to Sony’s built-in Wi-Fi, and boy, do I admire that. Sony also installed a content material statistics device. That way, you can get specs on songs and movies on the contact of a button. However, I suspect that is on the Sony Entertainment Network handiest.

If you are going to wall-mount this tv set, you will recognize the 4.2 cm depth size. Be informed that using the included tabletop stand does alternate the unit’s powerful intensity to 18.2 cm. The set itself stays at four.2, however, the footprint with the stand is deeper.

This Sony has two tilt settings at zero” and 6″ back pitch. It isn’t always variably adjustable for the tilt between the one’s positions.

There are a couple of dozen image mode settings to pick out from throughout installation. There are wide mode settings for streaming content material and 3 extensive mode settings for a connected tabletop PC or laptop.

If you have other DNLA well-suited digital products in your private home, you can use effortlessly move content material from them to the Sony. This uses your older content material feasible and provides a whole lot of flexibility to both this Sony television and your current digital device. You will, in all likelihood, be taken aback to discover how many DNLA like-minded appliances, audio electronic gadgets, and digital picture and video products are in your private home already. They are just ready to proportion their content material with the Sony KDL-26EX320.

Using an external Hard Disk Drive and the USB 2.0 connector, you could document just about whatever content material you desire for viewing at a later time. You can use any USB media playback tool to provide content to the Sony as properly. That opens up a wide range of uncountable content material playback alternatives.

If you have different HD devices, you can connect them to the Sony thru the 4 HDMI inputs. No other television set this length has that many HDMI inputs.

If your cable machine presents digital content, which maximum do nowadays, you may get right of entry to that content material without a unique set pinnacle box from the content issuer.

The faraway that incorporates the Sony 26EX320 can control any Bravia and maximum other Sony digital products. That way controlling all of your systems with one remote. This is past me, but that might be personal trouble on my element.

The sound machine speakers are undetectable and feature 3 sound mode settings. There are also three surround sound mode settings. You will also find three specific settings for Dolby noise discount that’s greater than commonly located on a fixed length. There is one USB 2.0 input, an Ethernet input. There are two approaches to connect your PC or pc. Being capable of joining each right away is probably a question for the assist website or user forum.

One function that incorporates all Sony television merchandise is exceptional support and a tremendous online assist internet site. You can get at no fee entire installation commands, manuals, and advice on almost anything of installation, set up, and working of your Sony television set on that web page.

It is not essential to sign up to use the Sony aid centers on the Internet. If you do the check-in, there are several special blessings available without cost or significantly decreased fees.


Particularly thrilling is a user discussion board or facts alternate in which you may find out how different clients of the equation set are using and taking part in their Sony KDL-26EX320. I see no purpose for any prospective purchaser to test out that website earlier than they purchase the set. I did just that and found human beings glad about the product assisting every other, in excellent humor, getting installation in specific and extraordinary location conditions.