Simple Computer Maintenance for Small Businesses & Nonprofits 1

Simple Computer Maintenance for Small Businesses & Nonprofits


Early this 12 months, a quiet flip of the calendar marked Year 6 for $1.8 million worth of laptop and server computers at a present-day product development organization in which I changed into CIO. The strategy used to place this into vicinity changed into simple – we totally based it on our motors.

Computer Maintenance

If you follow the protection schedule, the average car defends it from rust and force reasonably and needs to last you six to 10 years. The preservation timetable is based on your use of the auto as a complex tool to get you from Point A to Point B. Your laptop is also a complicated tool. Your usage will decide its preservation and safety wishes; the way you observe through with the one’s desires will determine how long you may get to apply your pc, and while you will need to place monies towards its substitute.

This five-element routine is primarily based on my revelations because of the early days of personal and “cell” (Kaypro II) computer systems within the 1980s. It is similarly relevant to each Windows®- and Macintosh®-based computer systems, although I use Windows® XP, for example, all through truly due to the Windows® prevalence. I am assuming an office / cubicle-based laptop. If your computer systems are located in dusty warehouses or production floors, step up the physical annual protection habitual to be quarterly.


Just as it’s hard to keep an automobile in a top condition out in a pasture, it is hard to keep a pc functioning nicely if it’s in a bad environment. There are three factors to keep in mind: temperature, air nice and electricity.

For most computers, room temperature must be between 60-85 stages Fahrenheit with a humidity degree between 50-seventy five% (to limit any static construct-up). While most offices are kept at this level, test with your landlord to ensure while you leave at night time that the HVAC does no longer change (or is cut off) to be above or underneath those tiers.

Air fine is essential because computers require air circulation to prevent overheating. There are two regulations of thumb: First, the vents at the case want perfect three-4 inches of clean space (no blocking cable tangles, etc.) to get excellent airflow; it is more or less the width of your hand from thumb to pinkie finger. Second, if you use air cleaners/ionizers, preserve them at least 2 ft from the computer, or any particles heading for the cleanser could be drawn into the computer first.

Computer Maintenance

Electricity is a dominant issue in determining the sturdiness of your pc. It’s similar to the oil, gasoline, and coolant for your vehicle’s engine. Poor or dirty engine liquids will take their toll on your car and shorten its lifestyles. So-referred to as “dirty” strength (brownouts, surges, sags, spikes, and so on.) will damage your computer and your documents, a long way more efficaciously than any virus.

1. Ask your local strength company to offer you a power profile/graph with the variety of electrical sags and spikes entering your building over a standard billing duration (in case you rent, you may need to invite your landlord to acquire this). This will display you your problem areas and times. I endorse you to acquire this report as soon as in line with the season (or area). We located a spike in power at eight: 32 am each morning while the neighboring production plant started its manufacturing traces.

2. Get true surge safety with battery backup. Plug your laptop case and your monitor into the battery-lower back up component – and your docking station when you have a computer; the entirety else (including printer) genuinely receives surge protection. There are three desires for the 5-10 minutes of battery backup: offer you time to keep your work; assess if that is only a short-term flicker or a longer outage; and then, for an outage, to show off your computer.

Three. After an outage, wait five mins earlier than turning again for your pc. If the electricity grid has issues, they’ll generally show up inside less than 3-four mins after energy is first restored.

4. Power sag issues may be noticed while your local printer prints comic-book characters (“@#!L%^”, and many others.) in the midst of printing. Beyond short battery backup, touch the strength enterprise or an employer like APC to paintings with you on answer alternatives.

Automation is the name of the game regarding preventive computer maintenance for the busy small commercial enterprise proprietor or nonprofit government. This is one place in which automobiles are gambling seize-up. There are 3 gadgets that you should automate: virus protection, crucial software program updates, and laptop firewalls, which might be both part of the running structures (including Windows® XP’s firewall) or part of your anti-virus software program.

I advocate getting virus protection software that mixes virus and spyware safety at a minimum; add the firewall choice if you do not use a running system with an integrated firewall (together with Windows® XP). Critical updates are simply that – software patches rated as “crucial” by using the seller; all other patches, upgrades, and updates can look ahead to the quiet of the year.

The digital tune-up includes the month-to-month preservation plus an experiment disk of your hard drives and a guide to take a look at all software for updates. In Windows® XP, use the “Check Disk” software – check both bins to restore document machine mistakes and test for terrible sectors.

For every software program bundle such as Adobe® Reader or Microsoft® Office, test for updates using their integrated method or through their aid/downloads website sections. Although you may no longer be required to achieve this, I recommend restarting your computer after every special software bundle has been up to date. This will allow the diverse bits of code to properly “register” with the laptop and cause any error messages to be isolated to the last update you did (versus just “something”).

First, flip off and unplug your computer and your screen. Second, unplug the rest of the cables from the pc case – the network cable, the printer cable, and many others. Inspect the cabling for any damaged or frayed bits. Third, unscrew the case (usually in the lower back) and lift it off (some computer systems, like Dell and HP, have turn-instances that you press down a plastic button to open).

Computer Maintenance

Now, with the hose/bristle-sweep attachment of your vacuum, easy off the air vents at the outside of the computer case and the monitor. Then, gently vacuum out the dust from within the case. This is not a detailed spring cleaning; go gently and fast – it ought to take you less than 30 seconds.

At least as soon as every 18 months, if not yearly, ask a person you consider, or who comes advocated, to do a “health take a look at” your structures and procedures. Think of this as your “10-fact a look at differ evaluation induction you might difficult your automobile to previous to a massive ride. You want this executed by way of an IT expert who’s a generalist, no longer someone specialized in a specific aspect like returned-up software program or databases, or who has an answer in want of a hassle. You need customized recommendations centered on your technology, commercial enterprise, and environment.

For suggestions, look at the web at generalist IT and consulting professional societies like ICCA.Org, SPConsultants.Org, or IMCUSA.Org. Educational institutes and nonprofits should also observe era providers on NTEN.Org or TechSoup.Org.

If you or your enterprise can’t dedicate the time far away from your commercial enterprise or undertaking or are uncomfortable managing this preservation, treat it no in another way than your car – ask for an assist from an IT expert or carrier firm. Use the annual “fitness test” method to peer their work quality before any lengthy-term dedication.