Popular blogger Lauren Bullen forgives copycat who takes same snap shots

A journey blogger who wrote about some other lady taking the precise equal images around the arena has forgiven the “copycat”.

Lauren Bullen, who has extra than seven hundred,000 fans on Instagram, stated she was involved whilst she noticed photographs of a female in the equal locations – or even wearing identical clothes – as her.
In a post on her blog, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, Bullen shared the nearly-identical pix that any other female, acknowledged on Instagram as Diana Alexa, took.

“while a lady travels across the world recreating your genuine imagery over and over again you start to worry,” she wrote in at he publish that has given that made headlines worldwide.

“I apprehend looking for the idea from what I do – and I really like that, but this genuinely shocked me,” she added.

“but stealing someone’s artwork – this is in no way okay.”

In a recent replace Bullen said she has spoken to Alexa and has forgiven her.
“I assume one of the funniest parts is that she had her boyfriend in on it too,” Bullen said.
Instagram/Lauren Bullen

“I think one of the funniest parts is that she had her boyfriend in on it too,” Bullen stated.

“I agree with her word, she is not a stalker and this labeling desires to forestall, so does the hate messages,” Bullen said in response to negative feedback from her lovers.
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Bullen stated that Alexa “just got stimulated and liked the fashion of my work” and added that it become never for publicity or for searching for attention.

“There have been so many speculations that I created this all myself for a media stunt, this was no longer something that I supposed to benefit something from…”