Navy STEALS? US sailors dispute piracy claim

The military department has filed a reaction [PDF] to the copyright infringement claims filed earlier this yr by means of German developer Bitmanagement.

Those claims accuse the Military of buying just 38 licenses of the BS Touch Geo-mapping and monitoring software, then after a short take a look at length putting in the equipment on loads of heaps of Army computer systems with out paying. The tab for the software would add as much as more or less $596m, with extra damages viable.
In its response, the Navy does now not dispute that it simplest bought 38 licenses for BS Contact Geo, or that it had requested the developer to intentionally disable the replica protection gear that prevents the software program from being established on different machines. However, it says that The one’s licenses allowed it to make the extra copies of the software program without the need for further payment.

“Defendant denies that the licenses had been confined to set up of BS Contact Geo on a complete of 38 Navy personal computers,” the submitting argues. “Defendant further avers that the Army procured concurrent-use network-installation licenses of BS Contact Geo.”

The Navy goes on to assert that because it had paid the reseller of BS Contact Geo for the software program below the phrases of its contract, it ought to no longer be on the hook for charges for the hundreds of lots of copies it made.

The Army legal professionals also deny the claims with the aid of Bitmanagement that Navy officers have been in talks with the business enterprise to purchase the licenses for more copies of the software – a claim that Bitmanagement says proved the Army knew it did not have the rights to skip the software round to more than one machines.