How to Hire Bloggers and Start Your Own Blog Network – Part 2

This is Part 2 of this newsletter. In Part 1, I instructed the story how I ended up having a cellphone verbal exchange with Paul Short, talking approximately a way to rent blogger and begin a weblog community. And I defined approximately one the things that we talked about which became the way to find your blogger.

If you don’t know who Paul Short is, he is an incredible blogger who additionally owns a weblog network, Gomaud Media.


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We talked about so many matters all through the decision. Apart from how to discover your blogger, we additionally pointed out how to prepare your blog. When I asked this, what I wanted to recognise if there’s any special method that Paul uses in making ready his weblog earlier than a release.

– Are there any unique plug-ins that you want to apply?

– Are there any unique steps that you need to take?

– Are the blogs designed in a selected way?

Those had been the questions that have been floating in my mind.

And Paul’s answer became as an alternative interesting. I concept that for a blogger and a weblog network proprietor like Paul, he might have evolved a system for all of his blogs. But the interesting that is, Paul mentioned that every one of his blogs are unique.

To Paul, your weblog would not genuinely ought to be in a special way. The most critical element is to make certain that traffic know a way to discover their manner across the weblog. What’s vital is the web usability. Looking at similar blogs within the equal subject matter would additionally assist you recognize the way you ought to design and structure your blog. In other phrases, secret agent on your competitions.

But Paul did mention a few matters that he located to be helpful. Most of his blogs would normally have sure plug-ins which make the blog loads greater sticky and enables site visitors get around. To ensure that visitors live lots longer, and read to deeper into your blog, Paul installs plug-ins like Recent Posts and Related Posts. This also allows with producing extra marketing revenue due to the fact visitors could browse extra pages that contain classified ads.

As for search engine optimization, Paul handiest does the primary such things as putting in place the Permalinks so that your blogs have a seek-engine-friendly URL. Optimizing the name tag in the template is likewise a smart pass. Generally you will need the title of the publish to seem in the front of your weblog call within the name tag.

And an additional element that Paul referred to on the subject of launching your weblog is to have enough content material. For Paul, he would as a minimum have posts that occupy at least pages before beginning to promote the weblog. I might translate to having about forty posts to your weblog. The ultimate issue that you need is visitors having a terrible first effect of you.

I have to mention that I am now not the professional right here. And we can not really speak approximately the way to begin a blog community while not having to write down a novel. But one way or the other, I hope this has helped.


It turned into over a month in the past that I final wrote approximately Google Alerts, however, do not let this idiot you, the usage of Google indicators is a remarkable backup for locating content and cure for ‘bloggers block’. If you’re unsure of what Google Alerts then have a quick examination of that publish before you retain with this one.

What are bloggers block?

Bloggers block is similar to a writer’s block, where you simply can not give you some thing innovative to blog about. Many people have a tendency to get bloggers block once they just start their first blog and clearly don’t know where to start. I have had a few questions from readers of this blog asking things like ‘how do you discover some thing to write down approximately?’, which I shall now endeavor to reply.

1. By reading blogs which can be inside the same niche.


– A doubtlessly limitless (well not infinite but you get the concept) number of blogs may be studied, so lots of facts may be accrued + ‘reflected upon’.

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– Visiting the blog yourself affords the possibility of commenting and ‘networking’ and likely constructing the foundations of a relationship with that blogger.

– Kills birds with one stone.

– Gives practice browsing the blogosphere. By the use of the search engines, we are able to benefit an idea as to what sort of sites have achieved well with search engine marketing (SEO), which we will learn from. This is a bit of a loose point but you can not have a hope of imposing a hit SEO with out being a skilled search engine consumer your self! (most people already are beside…)