How To Find The Perfect Online Poker App 1

How To Find The Perfect Online Poker App

How To Find The Perfect Online Poker App 4

Poker has been riding the crest of a wave for a good few years now. Back in 2003, the introduction of the World Poker Tour blew the doors off with TV audiences bettering some NBA games. The perception of poker shifted from being played in high-end casinos by high rollers or smoky bars to a game everyone could enjoy poker at home or on the move.

That early boom shows no sign of abating. A combination of lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and improved technology allowing better, more intuitive mobile apps has made the number of people playing rise inexorably. That increased interest has translated into larger pots. This year’s World Poker Tour No Limit Hold ‘Em event offers a guaranteed prize pool of $15 million! If TV caused some structural damage, mobile technology has redesigned the whole landscape, with an estimated 60 million players in the US alone.

With so much going on in the poker world and so many alternatives, it can be bewildering for new players looking to get into the game. Simply consulting a list of the best poker apps may not always be enough. So, let us take the strain by guiding you through the process and showing you what to look out for as we help you choose the best online poker app!

Easy of Use

At its heart, poker is a simple game, and an app needs to reflect that simplicity. Apps are often designed by tech types who love to show off how clever they are, but for a player, especially a new player, there is no point signing up for one that has all the bells and whistles but is difficult to operate. The interface must be clear and easy to use, so it could be worth checking out if an app offers a couple of free hands before committing. Registration should be painless, while the actual playing should be only a click away. Players love to see how they’re doing, so an easily identifiable My Account feature is a priority so they can see how their wins are piling up! An app that is easy to navigate makes it easier for players to return and recommend it to their pals, so if there is an Invite option, all the better!


Ok, so your chosen app ticks all your boxes, but is it any good? Does it pay out when it should and how easy is it? How is the customer service? These are important questions we often ask when looking to buy a new car or book a hotel, and thanks to the web, we are just a click or two away from seeing what other users think. It is worth spending time scrolling a few reviews – yes, it may all seem bewildering at first, but you can soon build up a sense of how others have received the app.

Freebies and Bonuses

Who doesn’t love a freebie once in a while? That could include matching your initial deposit – pay $100 and receive an extra $100 or being awarded several free spins. Some apps may also offer a reload bonus, a cash reward for depositing more money into your account. It can also be worth looking out for games that offer cash prizes with free entry. These games will attract a large playing field but also smaller areas. The pot might be smaller but imagine the feeling when that first winning shows up in your account! And remember, as with any freebie or bonus, make sure you read through the terms and conditions – some come with time limits, and you don’t want to miss out.

Once you have decided, sign up and enjoy playing one of the most popular online games in the world!