Commentary: Current Education Tramples the Mind

Not an afternoon is going through there is not a piece of writing in our nearby paper on our local Public School System. If it is not a cry for more money, it’s far proceedings over terrible attendance, or that many neighborhood teachers are not completely certified. While some faculties are being “demoted,” others are being “promoted.” First, one issue after which any other. Obviously, there’s something amiss in our modern method of teaching our youngsters.

Other articles inside the neighborhood newspaper convey reports of the increased pastimes and energies being expended by means of the “little” humans to quit the upcoming chance of our personal authorities by way of the increasing invasion of our non-public rights within the name of shielding the people from inside terrorism. People are grouping at the grassroots stage to petition their respective government representative, the President and participants of Congress, to give up those daily threats to our lives. They are sick to the bone of residing in each day worry about imminently undermining the ensures of our Constitution. We need to adhere to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, Four Freedoms: Speech, Worship, Want and Fear.

With all of this bombarding our brains, take into account “holistically” the connection of training to the various efforts of a given society to put together its young for personal responsibilities; duties of gaining knowledge of to manipulate our personal individual natures as well as contributing to the destiny of human evolution. Apparently, nearly all the fuss over our approaching dying is being conducted by way of adults in whom we’ve got given our agreement with to govern and lead us. Obviously, something is wrong with this world’s political and academic systems.


Some minor studies will tell us that the word, “training,” derives from the becoming a member of-of the Latin, “e”, meaning “out,” with the Latin word, “‘duco,” which means to “lead” or “take out from.” Simply, it manner to draw out of the student the inherent knowledge that lies within him or her. This phrase, schooling, has many implications given a bit notion. One such implication is that the newborn brings into this international from preceding incarnations past records of acquired reports and knowledge of the actual price of factors. The trouble is most educators and parental caregivers are unaware of this fact. The newborn is flooded by means of the occasions of it’s on the spot surroundings from the very second of birth and forwards; because it grows it forgets to don’t forget what it already is aware of! More humans across the world accept as true within reincarnation than folks that do not; more often than not the ones steeped into the Judeo-Christian beliefs.

When formal schooling begins, the pupil is bombarded with facts and figures which can be alleged to be memorized. And all this stuff being taught to the scholar are things to be grasped through the senses and are confined to an empirical fabric and urban world of so-called expertise, while it’s miles the world of Meaning that desires stressing.

The contemporary methods of education markedly assessment with a real “educational technique,” as these words have been at the beginning meant. The existent version is extra of a “putting into” than one of self-discovery. The students are being inculcated (from inculcare= to stamp into, or tread upon) with a frame of pre-determined and quite mundane facts of questionable validity, particularly for the bringing into the life of a new “global order,” which the brand new Aquarian Age promises us. Such a brand new global order wishes to be one based totally upon the ideals of worldwide peace and the steady software of goodwill, altruism and authentic brotherhood through each man or woman to every other character upon this earth.

The academic method ought to begin with an honorable and practical goal. It ought to pass beyond the mere offering of statistics to be remembered to one among looking inwardly for the genuine which means and causes at the back of the records, which eventually need to lead one to appear inside the self for such that means. One anonymous educator has expressed it thusly: “Education can be an adventurous quest for the that means of lifestyles, involving a capability to think matters thru.” (Emphasis brought).

The goal of education has to be to promote the whole self-realization and capability of each scholar; to encourage the purpose of the man or woman’s remaining courting with the universe, as stressed by means of Abe Maslow; that mentioned psychologist who died before his time. Self-centeredness should be transcended so the individual develops a recognition of his role relative to the entire of lifestyles. To nicely educate is to draw out of every pupil the potential understanding which he or she inherently possesses. Teachers, conditioned through their own inculcated experiences need to be helped (but by way of whom?) to realise and accept the truth that the kid, each toddler, has a body of popular awareness at the center of its being, as they themselves do, ready to “tell” the scholar who may be helped to make contact with this collected frame of eternal truths so that you can range with each scholar.

Every kingdom, as well as every individual, has its very own Soul or man or woman psyche which demonstrates as its character or way of life. Historical facts and the past conditions of every individual and kingdom have determined its modern relationships; there’s a constant nationalism or selfishness when what is wanted is for training to educate the scholar the need to take self-responsibility, and to grasp the need for a selfless international participation. Every scholar needs to present critical consideration to his or her “area inside the universe.” Every character and every kingdom needs to solve its own personal issues, which can be broadly speaking self-generated. And in the back of all human endeavors are a mental cause and intention. Anyone who can “suppose reality,” can assist to form public opinion. Educators have to be at the forefront of such “truth questioning.”

In the historical East, training was restrained to three extremely good folks who confirmed their potential for a deeper know-how of the purpose of all life at the same time as the hundreds had been neglected. This became additionally authentic inside the West up till instead lately in our records when schooling changed into legally required for the loads. Since that time the intention has been to deliver each pupil to a described trendy through which the educational system might supposedly be “honest to all.” Every individual is distinctive, and smart teachers ought to be sensitive, information and attuned to the huge variations of every toddler beneath their tutelage. Remember, teachers and caregivers of every description cannot train their “prices,” what they themselves do now not recognise.

In the destiny while the psychology of the western international catches up to the Esoteric Psychology of the historic East, the well-known Law of Birth and Rebirth might be generic. Such a wished psychology has been in the public domain for over seventy-5 years. (See, Esoteric Psychology, Volumes I and II, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Press, Publishing House of World Good Will Organization, N.Y., London and Geneva, 1937 and 1941.) In those volumes the human Soul and the chakras and the “etheric envelope” via which we distribute our individual energies are mentioned in the element; none of which western psychology or education has but observed, despite the fact that there may be a dire a determined need to achieve this. How can psychology or schooling train a human entity when it does no longer recognize the real nature of the “Constitution of Man.” (See, A Textbook of Theosophy, Ch. V, International Theosophical Publishing House, Madras,(now Chennai), Adyar, India, 1927.)

In the East reincarnation, which alongside karma, the Law of Retribution, or the Law of Cause and Effect, has been without problems well-known and implemented to every man or woman student. “What so ever ye sow, so shall you acquire,” Saint Paul tells us. We are each on our own previously earned function on the evolutionary arc (returned to the House of the Father), and we each have a Soul Age, which should be determined and frequent by way of the wise educator. Our soul age determines our readiness for publicity to the world of which means; the arena of Causes behind the world of Effects. Not most effective should “superior” students take delivery of special attention and culturing, the loads should additionally be uncovered to the spiritual idea that our materialistic global is one in all Effects; an insignificant reflection of a better international of Truth, Beauty and Reality. Religion isn’t an trouble to be taken into consideration here. (See, Education In Light of Theosophy, by Annie Besant, Ibid, 1912.)