How can I make video calls from my TV set?

Putting Skype into smart TV units became a boon to families, particularly for aged, disabled or non-technical users who discovered a TV far flung a whole lot less complicated to address than a PC, tablet or cellphone.

Skype disabled this option on smart TVs approximately a 12 months ago, and there have been plenty of court cases on its online discussion board. These disappeared after the forum moved from community.Skype.Com to solutions.Microsoft.Com. All your efforts – more than 50 pages – have been binned on the giving up of June, at the side of “all the paintings-around for a Skype on TV app [that] have been mentioned in the high-quality element,” in step with a Microsoft discussion board moderator.

Pity. I ought to have used them …

Although a lot of us grew up with a science-fiction vision of families video-chatting thru their TV units – what might be greater apparent? – it hasn’t worked out that manner. TV sets are customer goods and they may be supposed to closing for many years, if now not many years. Smartphones, cellphone working structures, apps and even video formats are extraordinarily ephemeral. Google can’t hold most Android phones up to date, so what danger have TV sets?

What makes things worse is that clever TV units running Android TV OS can’t even aid a simple USB webcam. Companies which include Logitech attempted generating dedicated “TV cams” for Skype calls, some having built-in H.264 video compression. However, TV cams were a further cost and created even more confusion.

Tellybean become founded with the aid of a person with the standard trouble: grandmother in Australia, grandchildren in Finland. Last year, it launched an app that converts a mobile cellphone into a webcam to your TV set. You set up Tellybean Camera from Google Play, then pair it with an app to your smart TV set. (An Apple iOS model is outwardly waiting for approval.)

Tellybean says its TV video-calling app “is available on Sony Bravia, Philips and Sharp TVs in addition to decided on Android TV set-top packing containers”. It is likewise growing an app for Linux-primarily based TV sets.

This yr, Tellybean released a crowd-funding effort to elevate €375,000, and raised €519,000. Its Invesdor sales pitch presents a terrific assessment of the corporation and its plans, except for now not mentioning its use of the WebRTC (Real Time Communications) popular.

I’ve by no means used Tellybean and have no concept if it’s any excellent. It’s manifestly now not the appropriate solution, which could be to plug a USB webcam into a TV set and have it just paintings. But at least Tellybean changed into based with the aid of a person who has the equal problem as you and is making an attempt to restoration it.

(In the USA, Sentab offers a streaming version for $one hundred twenty five and a video calling choice with the webcam for $149.)

SentabTV doesn’t work with Skype or different well-known video chat structures. You want Sentab boxes at each ends, or have one caller use Sentab’s app for Android or iOS, or the internet option.

Another opportunity is a Microsoft’s Xbox One games console. This is designed to plug right into a TV set, and it runs a model of Windows 10, so it runs Skype as well as coping with games, films and song. You don’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to apply Skype, however you do want a Kinect camera, that is an expensive more.

Sony PlayStations don’t run Skype (the PlayStation Vita portable had it for some time), seemingly due to the fact Sony received’t permit it, and ooVoo abandoned plans to offer its video chat app on the PS4. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 proprietors can handiest chat with people who own the identical console.

Finally, in case you own any Apple iOS products, you may purchase an Apple TV container (from £139) and use Airplay to forged your iPhone or iPad picture to the TV screen. Although quality regarded for walking Apple’s very own Facetime software program, they also run Skype.

From that little bunch, Sentab’s inTouchTV seems like your best wager. Any readers who very own it is easy to comment below.

A PC works

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)
If you have already got a PC, you could usually plug it into your TV via an HDMI port and use Skype or some other video-chat device. Pretty a great deal any desktop or pc would do the job, and any working device, right all the way down to a Raspberry Pi.

The disadvantage with the use of an HDMI cable is which you might not be able to reach your PC from the consolation of your couch. However, you could either use a wireless keyboard to manipulate a far off PC or use a Google Chromecast or a Roku streaming stick or comparable device to “solid” the display to the TV set.

WeMessage Brings iMessage To Android For MacOS Owners

A 16-12 months-antique developer has devised a solution allowing iPhone users trying to replace the Android platform to be able and maintain the use of Apple’s famous iMessage utility on Google’s cellular OS. The app, referred to as the message, wasn’t developed primarily based on reverse engineering and doesn’t seem to interrupt any EULAs, because of this that technically it has to no longer be close down through Apple within the destiny. However, there is a seize inside the fact that for you to use the message provider, users are required to very own a MacOS computer.

The platform is produced from two major additives, in particular, the message app for Android, and the web server software which wishes to be mounted on a Mac computer.

The server utility faucets into iMessage on MacOS and acts as a bridge between the Mac and Android telephone. iMessage

Simply put, messages despatched to iMessage are relayed from the laptop to the message Android utility over an at ease connection, with messages being encrypted the use of AES cryptography. The app helps all the major capabilities available in iMessage, which includes the capacity to ship direct and/or group messages such as attachments, add and manipulate institution chats, in addition, to block contacts or upload custom contact pix. It additionally supports notifications thought Google’s Firebase platform, even though this selection and many others can be disabled from the web server software.
There had been several 0.33-celebration attempts within the past to convey the functionality of iMessage onto the Android platform, however maximum of those solutions depended on reverse engineering, and none of them were everlasting, with both Google or Apple shutting them down. In contrast, message works by employing Apple’s developer tools and relies on Accessibility features to ship messages. Although there’s no manner to be sure of whether or not Apple will close down the carrier eventually, the developer claims that the Android and web server packages must nevertheless paintings in the event of a takedown because the messages are surely relayed via the MacOS laptop. The developer reckons that in the worst case scenario, customers may also not be able to use notifications and crash reporting. Although message debuted on the Google Play Store along with a feed tag of $2.Ninety-nine, the software has been made to be had without cost quickly after because of those uncertainties concerning the provider’s availability inside the destiny.

message guarantees to convey iMessage to Android uses Mac as the server iMessage

A new Android app called weMessage brings unofficial aid for Apple’s iMessage to gadgets walking Google’s working machine, however, customers want a Mac to complete the ad-hoc setup.

According to the app’s internet site, message offers complete iMessage guide to Android handsets “without opposite engineering or exploits,” a feat many builders have attempted to reproduce over time to varying stages of fulfillment.

To paintings, message creates an unofficial Messages server on Mac using a macOS app known as the web server. The app is not present to be had for download on the Mac App Store, that means Mac owners need to modify Security & Privacy settings to bypass Apple’s app set up safeguards.

As explained by the app’s developer, sixteen-yr-old Roman Scott, iMessages want to be despatched via an Apple tool to enable authentication, for that reason ensuring shipping. Essentially, weMessage is a relay server that gifts a workaround for Apple’s closed iMessage platform.

Scott is going into greater detail on how, precisely, message works in an FAQ.

“message works by means of the use of Apple’s developer tools that hook into the Messages app, as well as by turning on Accessibility functions that will carry out the message sending,” Scott writes. “There was zero opposite engineering worried inside the advent of this app, so all messages being despatched are valid.”

Scott believes the answer is “truthful,” as users need an Apple tool to take advantage of a message.

In addition to sending and receiving iMessages, message supports group chats, attachments, study receipts, AES encryption and extra. The accompanying webserver software gives help for multiple gadgets, message queuing, notifications, message logging, instructions and customization options.

Apps like iMessage are almost universally disabled with the aid of Apple, either thru software program updates or prison threats.

Though Apple has but to open its first-birthday celebration chat platform, the organization became once rumored to debut an iMessage app for Android. Later rumblings claimed Apple went thus far as to create mockups of diverse iMessage customers for Android, one among which carried out Google’s Material Design.

Apple has within the beyond brought certain services to its cell OS rival, the most outstanding being Apple Music for Android in 2015. However, the company is loath to port offerings that add intrinsic value to its very own ecosystem.

Messages on iOS are quickly becoming a platform for precise first-party functions like the iMessage App Store and Apple Pay. Most these days, Apple ultimate week released Apple Pay Cash, its peer-to-peer bills provider, to customers strolling iOS eleven.2. The characteristic lets in iPhone and iPad proprietors to send money to a circle of relatives and friends thru iMessage.

Android App ‘message’ Lets You Get iMessage on Your Android Smartphone With a Mac

There’s no official way to get iMessages on a non-iOS device like an Android cellphone, however a brand new Android app goals to provide a workaround, at least briefly. a message is designed to assist you to get iMessages on an Android tool, but for it to work, a Mac is needed.

the message makes use of a weServer app on a Mac, which takes messages that are added to a Mac and forwards them to an Android phone or tablet. As defined by means of the developer on Reddit, the web server app acts as a bridge between a Mac and an Android tool, using Accessibility features to faucet into Apple’s Messages app for the Mac.Android

iMessage works by the usage of Apple’s developer tools that hook into the Messages app, as well as by means of turning on Accessibility features so one can carry out the message sending. There turned into 0 opposite engineering involved in the creation of this app, so all messages being sent are valid. In addition, I trust this implementation is honest, as you still want to have an Apple device to apply iMessage, however, it’s far simply being extended to all devices.
According to the developer, all iMessage features are supported, along with organization charts, attachments, notifications, Do Not Disturb, content blocking, and more, with notifications enabled with the aid of sending messages to the Google Firebase platform.

Unfortunately, at the same time as this appears to be a strong strive at routing iMessages to an Android device based on Reddit feedback, this is not an app it’s probably to remaining. Similar apps and techniques of forwarding iMessages to Android devices have popped up within the past but were shut down by Apple.

It’s in all likelihood Apple would require the developer to shutter the app, and it could soon be eliminated from the Google Play Store, however, inside the intervening time, it is to be had for any Android users who also have a Mac and need to test with iMessage.

There had been rumors suggesting Apple has taken into consideration an iMessage app for Android devices, and Apple even reportedly created unique mockups of what such an app may appear like, but there has now not been concrete proof that an Android iMessage app has ever been within the works.

Apple professionals are said to consider that iMessage, as a “superior messaging platform,” enables to spur iPhone, iPad, and Mac income, suggesting iMessage isn’t always possible to expand beyond Apple’s devices every time soon.

Hundreds of HP computer fashions carry a deactivated keylogger

In November, a laptop programmer spotted some strange code even as seeking to manage a backlit keyboard on a Hewlett-Packard pc.

It was a keylogger — which if grew to become on by means of a hacker is capable of tracking each keystroke you type and keep this interest to a record. It’s a common hacking method used to scouse borrow passwords, as Google recently referred to in its year-long study on laptop protection.

N this situation, the code changed into not became on, but TechCrunch although stated on programmer Michael Myng’s weblog post about locating the deactivated keylogger.

In his memo, Myng wrote that he notified HP of the presence of the keylogger’s presence. HP

So, I messaged HP about the finding. They answered terrifically fast, confirmed the presence of the keylogger (which truly turned into a debug hint) and released an update that eliminates the trace.

My calls this piece of code a “debug hint,” a tool commonly used by software organizations to “hint” a trouble or worm, suggesting this code wasn’t placed there with any malicious motive — both by means of HP or all and sundry else.

For HP users that need to rid their computer systems of this keylogger — have to a hacker gain physical get admission to their laptop and turn it on — HP’s fix (issued on Nov. 7) can be observed on their site here, together with a really long list of affected fashions.

In their repair, HP notes that an “ability protection vulnerability has been identified” and HP has no “get admission to patron facts due to this issue.”

Mashable contacted HP for comment and could update this put up upon listening to again.

HP Has A Second Massive Security Flaw In Its Laptops


HP Has A Second Massive Security Flaw In Its Laptops



Back in May, we warned you of a massive, self-inflicted protection flaw, particularly a keylogger, in Hewlett Packard laptops because of a flaw in an audio motive force. Now, some other keylogger has become up, in a much more considerable security trouble that reaches returned to 2012. So what is a keylogger, and why is that this occurring? computer

What’s a keylogger?: “Keyloggers” are applications that document every keystroke you enter into a computer. The remaining goal of keyloggers, when cybercriminals use them, is to acquire your username, passwords, and other statistics to drain your bank money owed, however, they also can be used for blackmail, in case you’ve got salacious chat logs or a specifically embarrassing browser history.
Why does my Hewlett Packard computer have one? In May, it turned into due to a chunk of software looking for you hitting a specific key. This time round, the hassle turned into determined within the software program that runs the PC’s touchpad. Found with the aid of Michael Ming, it seems it was originally supposed as an in the back of-the-scenes device to track bugs earlier than the computers have been released, and actually in no way pulled out of the final software. When Ming contacted HP, they responded nearly right now with an update.
Am I at risk?: If you personal an HP pc from 2012 on, then sure, there’s a problem you’ll want to restoration. The correct news is that it seems this changed into disabled via default, however allowing it would have been pretty easy if you knew what to do inside the first area. There’s additionally the reality that this is the second one keylogger observed inside HP’s software program in less than 12 months; that’s in all likelihood to send white hat hackers crawling thru the code not simply of HP laptops, however others as properly.
How can I defend myself from flaws like this? The quick solution? Use Windows for the amusing stuff, and for work and privacy, use a distinctive running system including Ubuntu, although that offers itself with a whole new set of troubles. Hewlett Packard is hardly ever specific inside the tech industry for rushing products to market with out looking at every ultimate bit of software program, or thinking about its implications. For all we understand, this and far worse is lurking deep interior our laptops, and it, in reality, hasn’t been observed yet.
Using a laptop, any computer is an act of religion. We agree that the software is properly-written, that the corporation that built the laptop is honest, comfortable, and is aware of what it’s doing, and that our facts are protected. Most of the time, that religion is justified. But that it’s an increasing number of no longer is becoming a worrying fashion.

How to cast off the keylogger out of your HP pc

History appears to be repeating itself.

Back in May, protection researchers found that numerous HP laptops contained an audio driving force with a keylogger-type characteristic. Now, it seems there is yet any other keylogger embedded in a bit of HP software.

Although it wasn’t broadly suggested till these days, a Nov. 7 HP security bulletin discovered that a Synaptics touchpad driver has the ability to be used as a keylogger, main to a “local loss of confidentiality.”

Fortunately, in line with researcher Michael Ming, who observed the vulnerability even as searching at an HP pc’s keyboard-backlight settings, this logging is disabled by default. A hacker seeking to allow it might need to alter a Registry value, which can be executed only with User Account Control (UAC) get entry to.

Confirmed HP: “A party might need administrative privileges on the way to take benefit of the vulnerability.” The company’s bulletin also noted that “neither Synaptics nor HP has got right of entry to customer records due to this problem.”keylogger

I also wrote approximately HP’s fast movement upon getting to know the problem: “So, I messaged HP approximately the locating. They spoke back terrifically [sic] speedy, showed the presence of the keylogger (which surely became a debug trace), and launched a replace that removes the trace.”

Are you impacted?
To see in case your computer contains this unique driving force, check the fashions indexed on the HP Security Bulletin web page.

Thankfully, there is already an up to date driving force available that gets rid of the vulnerability. If you find your pc on the list, just click on the corresponding hyperlink alongside it to download the new driver.

A keylogger is frequently used by IT departments to help troubleshoot community problems, but hackers will every so often use them to seize touchy statistics which includes passwords and credit score-card numbers.

As constantly, you should maintain your working machine up to date with the present day protection patches, at the same time as at the equal time looking for patches out of your PC producer.

At press time, HP had now not answered to a request for remark concerning this trouble.

Apple releases repair to safety flaw in Mac running gadget

Apple launched an update to its state-of-the-art operating machine for Mac computer systemsMac

and stated it’s changing improvement practices after an enormous security flaw become disclosed Tuesday that allowed people to log in without a password, probably making non-public consumer records vulnerable.

The issue, located in the macOS High Sierra operating the machine for laptops and computer systems that become launched in September, could let anyone input the word “root” while induced for a username, and provide no password when logging on to the tool. That could permit unfettered get admission to the record machine for a Mac, exposing personal documents on that precise computer. One person mentioned the capability to also get entry to the pc the usage of the root login remotely.

The glitch is an extraordinary and potentially embarrassing failure for Apple, whose software is normally known for being much less at risk of hacking and malware infections than Windows software from Microsoft. The preceding model of the working gadget did not look like suffering from the trojan horse.

“A password spark off that authenticates as root with an empty password could be a black eye for any OS. Never thoughts one from a security and privateness-aware agency consisting of Apple,” Steve Troughton-Smith, a Mac software program developer, wrote on Twitter.gadget

Apple released a protection replace the software program on Wednesday. The fix is to be had for download inside the App Store and later in the day might be robotically mounted on all structures going for walks the today’s version (10.Thirteen.1) of macOS High Sierra.

“Security is a top priority for every Apple product, and sadly we stumbled with this launch of macOS,” Apple said in an announcement. “We significantly regret this error and we apologize to all Mac users,” Apple said it’s auditing its improvement methods to help save you the sort of situation from happening once more.

Tests of the flaw indicated that it could be used to adjust a person’s device settings that normally require a chosen username and password. Some settings include converting key security possibilities — like allowing or disabling a PC’s firewall or garage drive encryption.

The flaw becomes publicized Tuesday on Twitter through Lemi Orhan Ergin, a software program engineer primarily based in Turkey. Edward Snowden, a key voice inside the facts security network after being the middle of a few years of National Security Agency leaks, commented on the disclosure. “Imagine a locked door, however, if you simply preserve trying the cope with, it says ‘oh well’ and lets you in without a key,” he wrote on Twitter.

Apple running gadget worm permits absolutely everyone to login to your pc

If you very own a Mac computer, you then would possibly want to be cautious approximately wherein you depart it.

The today’s variations of Apple’s working device software program have a bug that allows everyone with bodily access to the laptop to log in.

All they have to do is locate the phrase “root” for the login call and hit enter.

A password isn’t required.

Apple says it’s operating on a repair with a purpose to be in a future software program replace.

Do you’ve got the most modern Mac working system? Anyone can hack you right now

Apple’s High Sierra working device is slick and fast — however, a flaw in its protection is growing a big hassle that allows all people, everywhere to hack you just via typing a single word.

Security researchers disclosed a computer virus Tuesday that enables immediately hacking by typing the word “root” as a username with a blank password. Once you click on the liberate button instances — you have got immediately get right of entry to.

This trojan horse is risky because it permits any consumer everywhere to advantage front in your files and your stored information to your computer.

Experts are concerned that malware can benefit root get admission to this manner and screw up computers in a royal manner faster than ever earlier than.

Cybersecurity expert Melody Moh, a professor at San Jose State University, referred to as Apple’s security flaw “thoughts blowing.”

“You can do anything and everything. You can delete that legitimate person’s account, you could lock his account. You can get entry to his financial institution, his electronic mail, Twitter, Facebook. Anything” stated Moh.

Apple unveiled High Sierra on Sept. 25.

It came pre-installed on a handful of pc models.

Customers on the Apple save in Los Gatos had combined emotions about the flaw.

Jonathan Knowles defended Apple saying, “Computers are first rate complicated and you may look at something that appears dumb and we would discover later, well, not so dumb.”

Another consumer turned into much less understanding.

“I’m worried approximately the reality that the tech agencies are not questioning cautiously about troubles of safety,” stated Ann Ravel.

Apple launched a statement on the issue, pronouncing: “We are running on a software program replace to address this trouble. In the period in-between, putting a root password prevents unauthorized get admission to your Mac. To allow the Root User and set a password, please observe the commands right here. If a Root User is already enabled, to make certain a clean password is not set, please observe the commands from the ‘Change the basis password’ section.”

Until the repair is ready, specialists say Mac customers have to no longer depart their computer systems unattended.

Here’s How To Protect Yourself From A Huge Security Flaw In Apple’s New Operating SystemApple

One of the maximum alarming protection bugs to ever plague a prime laptop working gadget is likewise one of the dumbest. First observed by using Turkish developer Lemi Orhan Ergin, the vulnerability lets everyone log into any pc walking macOS High Sierra — the most recent Apple operating machine released — simply by means of typing “root” for the username, after which clicking at the login button a few times with the password access left clean.

Ergin tweeted approximately the flaw on Tuesday, and as of the time of e-book, all macOS High Sierra machines are nonetheless inclined. Apple has a well-publicized worm-reporting program in the area, however, it appears Apple both failed to understand about the safety flaw or become not able to repair it before Ergin tweeted it publicly — which sadly makes Apple customers even more vulnerable to attackers with horrific intentions.

Apple confirmed that it became already running on a solution. “We are operating on a software replace to address this problem,” the employer stated in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “In the meantime, putting a root password prevents unauthorized access to your Mac.”

Soon after Ergin’s tweet, a flood of safety researchers and writers showed the bug works as described — whether or not trying to access an administrator’s account on an unlocked Mac, or looking to benefit get right of entry to via the login display screen of a locked Mac.

“It is as awful as it sounds,” Amit Serper, a protection researcher from the software corporation Cybereason, instructed BuzzFeed News. “It permits everyone with access to your machine — and in a few cases remotely — to expand the privileges to the very best stage of all of them.”

“Apple could have averted it at first by using putting a random password to the root person,” Serper brought, “in a way that the password is randomly generated on every occasion the running device is hooked up.”

If a horrific actor exploited this protection worm, they’d get System Administrator get admission to — which means that man or woman may want to examine and write over without a doubt any part of the computer device, along with files in different macOS consumer debts. They ought to reset or exchange passwords, delete or add users and Apple IDs connected to the device, and dip into other debts on the system — basically, they would get unfettered get entry to all the facts that lives at the computer. The trojan horse is found in macOS High Sierra 10.Thirteen.1, the present day model released to users, and the macOS 10.13.2 beta that is still being examined.

Worse yet, the assault works even if someone does no longer have bodily get admission to your macOS High Sierra device. One Twitter user confirmed that the vulnerability works over a chunk of software referred to as VNC, or even through Apple’s very own Remote Desktop software.
“There is a remote vulnerability if [your machine’s] OS X firewall is disabled, and Remote Desktop is enabled,” stated Kenneth White, a Washington, DC–primarily based protection representative for federal corporations. “It’s in all likelihood a very good time to confirm your firewall is up, and on stealth block.”

Here’s How To Protect Your Mac

This is a serious flaw and also you have to act speedily to protect your self. As Apple cautioned, for now, the quality workaround is to permit the basic account, and hold it enabled with the password of your preference. Here’s how:

Go to System Preferences > then click on Users & Groups (or Accounts). After you click on the lock icon, input your admin call and password. Click Login Options > then click on Join (or Edit). Select Open Directory Utility > click on the lock icon inside the Directory Utility window > then input your admin call and password again. When Directory Utility opens in a brand new window, visit the menu bar and pick Edit > Enable Root User, then enter a password for the basic consumer.

Disabling your PC’s root account could not restore the hassle, in keeping with numerous researchers looking into the malicious program.