Shop Around: How to Get the Best Deal on Used Cars 1

Shop Around: How to Get the Best Deal on Used Cars

Are you trying to figure out how to get the best deal on used cars? Read this article to learn more about getting a good deal on a car.

The global used car market is on fire. Thanks to diminished new vehicle production due to the coronavirus, buyers are turning to used cars.

Sales of certified pre-owned vehicles are up 7% in both June and July. Now, contrast this positive figure with new car sales declining by 27% and 12% respectively.

With demand so high, the advantage goes to the car dealer. However, you can still buy a used car for a good price. You need to know the right tips and tricks for negotiating car prices.

Shop Around

Read on to learn how to get the best deal on used cars. Explore tips on how to negotiate a car price and shop around for your next vehicle.

Shop Around

The best thing you can do is shop around for the best price. You do not know if a vehicle is fairly priced without data points for comparison.

In a 25- or 50-mile radius, shop around to see how much dealers are selling a make and model for. You can use the information that you collect during the negotiation process.

Perform Online Research

The internet and mobile apps have given buyers a new tool during negotiation. Websites like Edmunds and KBB allow users to identify a fair price on a used car. You can also pull down invoices on recent used car sales.

All of this data proves invaluable while negotiating a good deal. Other sources like InterLease allow you to set a fair price range on monthly payments.

Inspect the Vehicle

Now that you have a baseline for the price range, you are ready to see the vehicle in person. Here, you can knock off more money off the sales price with a thorough inspection.

Used vehicles inevitably have wear and tear on vehicles. You should turn the vehicle on and let it run.

Pop the hood while it is running to see if you hear any suspicious noises. Check under the vehicle to ensure that there are no leaks.

It would help if you also turned on the air conditioning and heating system to verify proper operation. It is important to inspect the tire tread and how much padding is left on the brakes.

Seeing something that is unsatisfactory does not mean the deal is dead. Instead, you can use these negative observations to reduce the sales price of the vehicle. For example, if the tires are worn, you could ask for a $1000 price reduction to buy four new tires.

Payment Method

The sales price is not the only factor when negotiating a deal. For those that are financing, you need to consider the interest rate on the vehicle.

If the interest rate is too high, you can shop around for a better rate with a local bank or credit union. Another possibility is reducing the sales price by paying in cash.

A Recap of How to Get the Best Deal on Used Cars

You can get a great deal on a used car with the right strategies. Shopping around and performing a thorough inspection is sure to help.

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